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About Us

Pluto Creations, Inc. and Pluto Creations™ is small business and brand head quartered in Houston, Texas in USA.  We are primarily focused on creating artistic and inspiring designs for various products.  We value creativity, quality, and experience.  As such, we go through a rigorous design process, then select highest quality products and suppliers, and work tirelessly to create an overall pleasant experience for our customers from buying on our website to using and enjoying our products.  


Our design team is lead by our in-house head artist, Serena Mae. She also hails from Houston area and is a very talented and creative artist herself. She describes her mission as "creating simplistic yet inspiring art and designs that touch overlooked themes in our society".  Her current design collection honoring COVID-19 heroes perfectly describes her design philosophy.


Giving Back

To show our commitment to the global community, 10% of all of our profits will go to supporting philanthropic organizations that help the global community in need especially during this difficult time.